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You Can’t Pave, but You Can Prepare Your Sites This Winter

Is your driveway in disrepair? Or is your home’s curb appeal just not what it used to be? Fear not, homeowners! This winter, you can pave your driveway for a beautiful home in the spring – without breaking the bank. All you need is some preparation and a little bit of elbow grease. So put on your parka and get ready to work!

Paving in the winter is a no-go – it’s just too cold. The ground is frozen solid, and the machines used for paving can’t handle the conditions. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your site in Fredericksburg ready for paving. Preparing now will make the job much smoother when spring rolls around.

Before you start the labor work, keep these crucial points from the experts at Bay Country Contractors in mind:

Points to Remember

  • Sketch out the areas you want to pave
  • Make a clear guide of patterns and dimensions.
  • Consider the quantity of cement and sand required for bedding.
  • If you wish to place bedding, prepare the sub-layers in advance.
  • Depending on the soil, it may need to be excavated and replaced with crushed stone.
  • The sand must be 40mm thick between the ground level of the paved area.

The Basic Preparation:

Shovel Off all of the snow and ice from your driveway and curb. It might seem like an obvious step, but it’s that you remove all of the debris that should be taken care of first.

Rake Up any leaves, sticks, or other yard debris that might have made their way into your curbs and parking spaces. It is the second step because if these items are left in place, it will create a bumpy surface when you’re paving later on.

Broom Off the cars from your driveway and curb, so they don’t ruin the freshly laid pavement with tire tracks or scratches! It’s also important to note that rainwater can freeze overnight, leading to an icy mess for morning commuters. By removing all vehicles from the surfaces, you’ll prevent this issue and provide a clear workspace for yourself during preparation time.

Dig Up and Refill any dips with gravel. Is there an area of your driveway that’s been giving you trouble? Dig up part of it and fill in any dips with gravel. No more puddles! If there are cracks all over the place, patch them up using cold mix asphalt or crack filler – just like when filling tire tracks on the road! It will keep water out throughout winter (and prevent further cracking).


No matter how big or small an area is, having repairs made now will help make sure everything’s ready to come springtime, and there isn’t anything worse than getting behind schedule during prime paving season. Do yourself (and others) a favor by preparing your sites this winter, so they’re ready to go once the snow melts away!

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