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Three Types Of Snow Removal Contracts For Commercial Properties

As the snow piles up outside your commercial property, you would have to make arrangements for its removal. Snow removal contracts are crucial for any commercial property’s maintenance plan. The best way to keep your building looking best is to have a contract that suits your needs.

A snow removal contract is a legal document that details the responsibilities of both parties and their respective obligations and rights. These contracts vary in scope and complexity depending on the amount of snowfall, type of property (commercial or residential), and the length of time they are valid.

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Here’s a list of three popular snow removal contract types that most companies use for property maintenance during winters.

1) Pay Per Event

This contract type is for property managers who only want to clear their pavement every time snow falls and accumulates. Generally, two inches of snow is when property managers push the call button for service. This type of contract is usually for smaller properties (residential or commercial) with limited spaces located in urban areas with high chances of snowfall.

A drawback of this contract is that it is not favorable for areas with persistently high levels of snowfall during the winter season.

This option allows property managers to avoid potential issues arising from a blanket agreement, such as receiving services during mild weather when there is no need for clearing activities. Also known as “call before you dig” agreements, this kind of contract will ensure immediate response time by companies.

2) A Seasonal Contract

A seasonal contract locks a fixed price per month for snow removal services during the winter season. The benefit of this contract is that it allows property managers to budget their expenses and estimate costs in advance while receiving reliable snow removal without worrying about unexpected charges from unpredictable weather conditions.

Depending on the case, this contract can include a long-term agreement or be for part of the year. Although many companies require an annual service minimum, some business owners may wish to hire smaller service providers during dry winters with no need for clearing activities at all.

3) A Full-Service Seasonal Contract

Commercial properties with high visitor density located in areas of extreme cold have little margin for error. These properties need to be in top shape throughout the winter without any hiccup along the way.

A full-service seasonal contract suits such properties as they require service before, during, and after a storm. The contract typically includes snow plowing, de-icing, ice removal services, and more.

This type of service offers flexibility as you can adjust the contract to fit a property’s needs throughout the winter season. 

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