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Three Reasons Why Ignoring Stormwater Management Is A Big No-No!

Stormwater management has become a primary consideration of city officials and property owners across the United States.

But what exactly are stormwater runoff and stormwater management? And why should you not ignore it? This blog by Bay Country Contractors, serving Oxen Hill, MD, will explore all these questions.

What is stormwater runoff?

Water running across the land during and immediately after a rainstorm is known as stormwater runoff. Some areas, such as parks and lawns, soak up most of the rain that falls on them; however, the locations with impermeable or non-porous surfaces have a lot more stormwater to deal with.

What does stormwater management entail?

Stormwater management refers to regulating the amount of rainwater runoff and the quality of the water in our water bodies (such as streams, lakes, rivers, oceans) that receive runoff.

Stormwater management systems are typically low-maintenance and simple to overlook. Unfortunately, completely forgetting about it can result in costly complications, which is why it should never be ignored.

Three Reasons Why Stormwater Management is Important:

Reduces Flooding

Inadequate stormwater management is most likely to blame when your property floods after a storm. Flooding usually starts in a parking lot, but it can spread to nearby buildings and homes. In addition to rendering the parking lot useless during storms, a flooded parking lot can cause hydroplaning and property damage.

Stormwater flooding is usually caused by a clog in the system, which can be rectified with a visual inspection and clearance of the obstacle.

Pollution Reduction

Stormwater collects and transports a variety of pollutants into our waterways. In high concentrations, many of these contaminants can create difficulties. Our Rivers and Rock Creek show the cumulative consequences of stormwater runoff on aquatic systems. The Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, for example, get untreated runoff daily, so they currently have poor water quality.

Antifreeze, oil, heavy metals from cars, chemicals from gardens, homes, and businesses, bacteria from pet waste and malfunctioning septic systems, and silt from flawed building sites procedures are all examples of pollutants in stormwater.

Stormwater can flood and damage houses, businesses, septic systems, erode stream channels, and harm or destroy fish and wildlife habitat if not correctly managed.

Prevents Stream Erosion:

Stormwater management helps minimize excessive erosion by limiting the speed and amount of water flowing into streams. If stormwater is not managed correctly, it can create severe erosion, preventing the stream from performing its intended role of transporting water and sediment.


The stormwater management system is an essential aspect of your property’s drainage system since it benefits you and your community in terms of environmental, economic, and social factors.

Bay Country Contractors, serving Oxen Hill, MD, provides complete stormwater management system maintenance and repair services to ensure you’re ready for any storm. Our staff will check your property’s storm plumbing and retention system to determine what repairs are required, and then we’ll provide you with an estimate for the work.

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