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Stormwater Management: Why Is It Important?

Where does the rainwater go when it rains? Many people do not consider this subject until it is too late. The matter is that stormwater management is essential for keeping our communities and environment healthy.

Bay Country Contractors will discuss stormwater management and its importance in this blog post. We’ll also explain how to keep your neighborhood safe from stormwater damage.

What is stormwater management?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency in the US, stormwater management attempts to limit the water runoff from precipitation or melted snow into roadways, lawns, and other locations while improving water quality.

Stormwater is filtered into the soil and eventually fills aquifers or runs into streams and rivers. When heavy rains fall, the saturated earth produces extra moisture, which rushes across the surface and into storm sewers and road ditches. This water frequently transports trash, chemicals, bacteria, eroded soil, and other contaminants into streams, rivers, lakes, or wetlands.

Importance of stormwater management:

Reduce water pollution:

Soil works as a natural filter for precipitation, providing relatively pure water to rivers and groundwater sources. This process is absent in metropolitan areas, where rainwater travels across hard surfaces before entering storm drains. In this situation, water brings waste, chemicals, pathogens, silt, and other contaminants straight into streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands. As a result, collecting runoff and removing toxins before releasing them into local waterways is one of the stormwater management goals.

Stop storm and sanitary sewage system overflow:

Stormwater facilities of various sorts are meant to store excess rainwater, but careful capacity estimations are required to avoid overflow. The same is true with sanitary sewer systems. Stormwater runoff does not travel through a treatment plant on its route to nearby waterways. Still, the sewer system itself may overflow if suitable stormwater management systems are not constructed and maintained.

Reduce floods and erosion: 

When water falls on impervious surfaces, it flows quickly rather than slowly, soaking into the land. If not handled appropriately, this can result in floods, erosion, and infrastructure damage. Runoff may be managed and regulated with the proper stormwater infrastructure, averting devastating floods and decreasing soil erosion.

Keep the natural hydrologic cycle:

Stormwater management is important for sustaining healthy streams, lakes, and aquatic life and supporting human usage by preserving the natural hydrologic cycle.

Without effective stormwater management, infiltration can lower soil replenishment and groundwater recharge. It is worth emphasizing that soil moisture is necessary for plant survival, which is why it plays a part in maintaining the natural hydrologic cycle.

Comply with federal environmental laws:

Stormwater monitoring and control are becoming increasingly important as federal water quality rules become more strict. Businesses should prioritize stormwater management if only to avoid fines and penalties.

At Bay Country Contractors, we offer industry-leading stormwater management services to business owners in Stafford, VA. Our experts will check your property’s storm plumbing and retention system to determine necessary repairs, and we will then give an estimate for those repairs.

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