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Not Later, Alligator! Start Planning For Your Asphalt Repair Project Now!

Don’t wait until the asphalt on your driveway or parking lot in Brandywine, MD, starts to show severe signs of wear and tear. You may have to deal with a costly and time-consuming asphalt repair project. Instead, start planning for asphalt maintenance now!

This blog post by Bay Country Contractors discusses how to evaluate your asphalt surface, prepare a budget, and get started on your preventive asphalt maintenance plan.

Evaluating Your Asphalt Surface

Every asphalt surface has different needs, so before you get started on your asphalt repair project, evaluate the current condition of your driveway or parking lot. You can follow these few simple steps:

  • Look for cracks, potholes, and other signs of pavement distress.
  • Check the asphalt surface for oil and gas stains.
  • Feel the asphalt surface to see if it’s smooth or rough.

Understanding the Repair Process

Once you’ve assessed the condition of your asphalt surface, you can start thinking about how to repair it. Remember that asphalt repair is cheaper and more accessible than replacing the entire surface, so act quickly if you see any damage.

  • Contact a professional asphalt contractor for an evaluation.
  • Determine what kind of asphalt you have and whether it’s worth repairing.
  • Get quotes from different contractors to find the best price for your asphalt repair project.
  • Plan out all materials needed before beginning work on-site or pay any money upfront to your contractor. You’ll want everything ready so that they can get to work when they arrive!

Prepare a budget

A critical step in asphalt repair is preparing a budget for the job. This involves estimating the amount of material and labor needed to complete the project. The budget will also help determine if the repair is worth undertaking and how much time and money should be allocated. It’s also essential to create a budget that fits your needs- don’t skimp on quality because you think it will save you money in the long run.


Once you know how much the project will cost, it’s time to start planning! This includes figuring out what materials you’ll need and arranging them so they’re ready when the contractor arrives. If any permits are required, now is the time to take care of that.

Getting the work done

Now it’s time for the pavement contractor to take over! They’ll start by removing any old asphalt and then grading and prepping the surface for new material. Next, they’ll install the new asphalt- a process that includes compacting it so it lasts longer. Finally, they’ll seal the surface to protect it from the elements.

Post Completion Care

Even after the work is done, you still need to do some things to keep your pavement looking great! Regularly sweeping and clearing away debris will help prevent erosion and staining, while a suitable sealant can protect against oil spills.


We hope you now understand the importance of preventive asphalt maintenance and getting started on your plan. If you need asphalt repair in Brandywine, MD, or would like more information, contact Bay Country Contractors. Request a free estimate.