Site Concrete in Alexandria, VA

At Bay County Contractors, we have proudly served our customers in Alexandria, VA, and surrounding areas for over thirty-five years, providing excellent customer service and high-quality work by skilled contractors that can take on any concrete site work, whether it’s complicated or simple. We aim to be your go-to construction, asphalt, and concrete company in Alexandria, VA. As your fully licensed and insured construction company, we will work to complete your concrete site work from beginning to end.  As a leader in the substantial site industry, we are ahead of the competition as we work tirelessly to offer solutions that are not only cost-effective and by skilled contractors that work within a reasonable time frame. We provide a free job estimate at; we hope to hear from you soon.

If you are preparing a job site, some of the materials that are options are concrete as it offers a significant amount of flexibility, making it a perfect choice for site work.  Concrete is affordable to  produce and leaves a  smaller carbon footprint because it uses less fuel; concrete can be used for multiple uses on the job site.  Concrete has many purposes, from roads to sidewalks and more. When all the foundation of the site is prepared safely, and you choose to use concrete, our skilled contractors will begin the installation of your concrete, paying close attention to guarantee nothing is missed, leaving you with an eye-catching new surface that will offer years of use so long as it is adequately maintained. At Bay County Contractors serving Alexandria, VA, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials and top-of-the-line equipment to complete your concrete site work that, when completed, is visually appealing and durable, offering the site a safely completed surface. You can now begin your construction and utilize your new concrete. We can help answer any questions you may have at