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7 Advantages Of Using Granite For Roadside Curbs

Of course, visual curb appeal matters when installing pavement in residential, commercial & municipal properties. But too often, paving contractors go for decorative pavement elements that weather faster than the road—that’s why the debate between finding a suitable decorative or functional streetscape element can be a tough one.

But do you know what material cuts right to the chase in both aspects? Granite curbs.

Not only does it beautify long stretches of pavement, but it offers solid & prominent barriers between the road & the sidewalk. Bay Country Contractors specialize in stone placement for both appearance & resilience, and here’s why we believe granite is ideal!

1. Cost-Effective

Many contractors offer concrete on client requests because they believe concrete is inexpensive compared to granite. But that is only true of the installation costs because the long-term maintenance costs of concrete far surpass that of granite.

2. Reinforces Pavement

The functional purpose of curbs & swales is to support the road on both edges and protect it against erosion, freeze-thaw, shear stresses & water intrusion. Concrete curbs will deteriorate over time, but granite blocks will keep the asphalt in its optimal tensile condition for traffic loads.

3. Naturally Durable

Granite is virtually indestructible and ranks as the densest curbing material available. You must have seen how asphalt milling tends to chip away concrete curbs, but you won’t see them get a scratch on granite. Granite curbs can withstand a lot of hits and still stay fixed in place.

4. Maintenance Free

Concrete is, after all, artificially made and suffers from spalling, cracking, and erosion. Upkeep costs are high for concrete curbs as sealants & repairs have to be applied regularly. Granite is a natural rock and weathers at a glacial pace in stark contrast. Granite curbs won’t crack or spall, suffer from seepage or require repairs for a long time.

5. Sustainable Material

Granite is cut rock, so no additives & emissions are being sent out into the atmosphere in its production. It is a far greener alternative to concrete curbs as it is easier to be reused or repurposed for future projects than concrete, which goes right in the landfill.

6. Enhances Property Appeal

Granite curbs can make any neighborhood look opulent & boost property prices in commercial areas. Cracked concrete curbs are nothing more than an eyesore, but granite lasts long & gives a premium look to streetscape elements & curbs.

7. Versatile Uses

No one said you have to see granite for just roadside curbing. It is used as lawn borders, lining for plant & garden beds, & walkways. Granite elevates the protective function of curbing for flower beds & private properties.

At Bay Country Contractors, we offer the crafting capability required to create unique granite curbing solutions for your stone placement needs. We are actively serving Fredericksburg, VA, with an assemblage of high-quality asphalt & concrete paving, repairs, stormwater management & stone placement solutions. If you need a site developed, now is the perfect weather to begin as excavation & winter go hand in hand!

Nevertheless, do feel free to check our services & request a free quote from us!