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5 Tips To Keep Your Asphalt Pavement In Top Shape

Everyone wants to keep their asphalt pavement in top shape to look great and last for years. However, doing this requires some effort – there are many things to consider! Bay Country Contractors has provided five tips on maintaining your asphalt pavement. Following these tips, you can keep your pavement in Manassas, VA, looking great for years to come!

Maintaining your asphalt pavement is essential to keep it looking good and functioning well. It is necessary to consider a few things when planning an asphalt maintenance schedule.

1. Weather

Consider the weather when choosing an asphalt pavement maintenance plan. Live in a region with cold winters. It may not be wise to get new asphalt every year – instead of installing fresh blacktop right now, consider waiting until springtime or even summertime when temperatures warm up again. Addressing problems beforehand can save you time and money in the long run.

2. Inspect Your Pavement for Faults

Inspect your pavement regularly for problems at least once a year, if not more often. Look for cracks, potholes, and other signs of wear and tear. Address these issues as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse.

3. Clean Your Pavement Surface

Keep your pavement clear of debris. Leaves, snow, and ice can cause damage to asphalt if they’re not removed timely. Ensure you keep a close eye on your pavement during the winter months and remove any debris as soon as possible.

Use de-icer when needed. De-icing salt is a great way to keep your pavement clear of ice and snow. However, make sure you use it sparingly, as too much can damage the asphalt.

4. Do not Park on the Pavement

Avoid parking heavy vehicles on the pavement. Parking on the pavement can cause wear and tear, especially if you’re not using the driveway. If possible, try to park in your garage or on the street instead.

5. Maintain Proper Drainage

If your asphalt pavement is not draining water properly, it can lead to cracking and potholes over time. It may also cause standing water on top of the surface, dangerous for pedestrians or vehicles. One way to facilitate drainage is to ensure that your gutters and downspouts are cleared of debris and functioning correctly.

Hire a professional for any repairs. If you notice cracks, potholes, or other damage to your pavement, it’s essential to get them fixed as soon as possible. It is always very tempting to try and repair these issues yourself; hiring an expert will ensure that they’re done correctly and that the damage doesn’t return.


Now that you know five tips for maintaining your asphalt pavement in Manassas, VA, it’s time to take action! Contact Bay Country Contractors today and get a free estimate. We’re happy to respond to any questions about our services or what we can do for your business.